Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Save Bethesda because it is awesome!

On a more serious note, we need to support keeping the Bethesda home open for young mothers. Go here and f***ing LIKE it.!/pages/Save-Bethesda/252651091480734

This home is very dear to my heart. I was 16 when I had Miss.V. This place took me in while I was pregnant and I immediatly became good friends with other young woman who were pregnant or mothers. At Bethesda they do not judge young woman and offer a supportive caring home . They taught me all the things I needed to know about caring for a baby and even prepare the girls for living on their own by teaching them about meal planning and prep, managing money and girls are able to continue their education while their babies are in an onsite daycare. Unforunatly the home is struggleing and its now a fight to keep this amazing resource for teen parents. Please show your support. These woman and babies deserve a good start just like any other family.

Here is Miss.V and I playing in our apartment at the Bethesda home.

We may have been teen parents but we love and adore and took responsibility just like any other loving parent. Our age didn't decide what kind of parents we would be, we did.


  1. Bethesda has helped many generations prior and needs to remain open to help the many generations to come. Please go to the above link and click like. I too was a resident at Bethesda back in 1993-1994. Join the fight.

  2. I will be HEARTBROKEN if Bethesda is shut down. HEARTBROKEN.

    I only lived there for six months, but the tools,skills and friendships will last a lifetime!!!

  3. I'm linking your post to mine... :) just an fyi!

  4. I also Lived @ Bethesda!<3 It also helped me learn how to be agreat Mom! It Needs To stay open!We should do something to Help If u can think of Any Ideas Please let me Know I would be Glad to Help in Whatever way I can Heres My E-mail My Name Is Iris Evans Takecare